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Your citizens expect safety, reliability and efficiency in the services your department provides. Above all, they trust that you have things under control.



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InfraForce allows public works staff in small- to mid-sized communities to manage their water and sewer utilities from the field, the office, or anywhere in-between.

Developed by water resource engineers dedicated to this type of infrastructure, the cloud-based platform combines daily field work and future planning into one focused dashboard, accessible from anywhere. Its simple design gives departments of all capabilities immediate access to real-time data and the asset management insights critical to an efficient and reliable utilities system.

Focused on the user, the InfraForce suite comes ready to use, saving the costs of training and staffing GIS technicians to use it.

·         Improved data quality, transparency and control

·         Enhanced visibility of field activities

·         Better management of asset life cycles

·         Reduced response time in emergencies

·         Improved compliance reporting

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Wooten Company, InfraForce was developed under the guidance of some of the industry’s most seasoned water resource engineers, and operates in harmony with engineering consultants to offer an even higher level of service. The data it catalogs is critical to project planning, funding, and design, and is equally important during construction when unknown conditions are often encountered.

The InfraForce team is dedicated to building software that allows clients to cut costs by managing their assets in-house and to easily provide accurate and up-to-date data with the click of a button.

Work Smarter.

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Let one of our infrastructure experts demonstrate how InfraForce can keep things under control, for you!