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Maintaining Community Infrastructure with Asset Management Technology

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Citizens need reliable access to essential utilities to enjoy everyday life, operate and grow local businesses, and stay safe. With smart INFRAFORCE technology, teams serving communities can identify and address issues faster — and more cost-effectively.

Built on Industry Leading Technologies 


Streamline Day-to-Day Utility Operations

• Simplify management of field crews with real-time data interaction

• Initiate, assign, and track the progress of maintenance work orders

• Do more with less resources using GIS asset management platform

• Quickly adapt teams with user-friendly interface

Qualify for Federal
& State Funding

• A modern asset management tool that meets today’s rigorous funding qualifications 

• Real-time information to identify high-risk and high-maintenance assets

• Available data to submit competitive applications for federal and state funding programs 

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“Implementing asset management will help identify all the assets that a utility has, how long they are going to last, and how much it’s going to cost to repair, rehabilitate, or replace them.”

Sonia Brubaker
U.S. EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water

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