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New Lead & Copper Inventory Rules Present Opportunity

As we start the new year, many conversations revolve around what 2024 will have in store. One thing is for sure: all community water systems must develop an inventory of all service line connections – and identify the potential presence of lead and copper.

This initial inventory must be completed and submitted to the North Carolina Public Water Supply Section by October 16, 2024. The requirements stem from the Environmental Protection Agency's Lead and Copper (L&C) Rule Revisions published in 2021.

Because most water systems were built many years or many decades ago, materials and installation records are often outdated, incomplete, or missing altogether. Complying with these specific L&C rules presents an opportunity for water utilities to use a modern approach for improved data collection efficiency and long-term data storage.

As a cloud-based utilities asset management platform, InfraForce is built on the Google Maps API for a familiar, user-friendly graphic interface. A dedicated software module enables the collection of L&C information for each water meter in the system by either importing existing GIS data or by assigning new data through in-field evaluation.

The collected information mirrors what is required for L&C inventory. Available service line information can be batch imported; added in the field using an electronic survey device, laptop, or tablet; or manually imported in the office afterwards from paper forms. This newly developed L&C module makes it easy to manage, filter, sort and export for reporting purposes.

Beyond enabling specific initiatives such as L&C inventories, InfraForce streamlines day-to-day operations, condition assessments, maintenance, and capital planning for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. Plus, having an offsite technology platform offers the peace of mind that critical information is guaranteed to be available 24/7/365 – even in severe or emergency conditions.

The State Water Infrastructure Authority has approved more than $34 million in funding for projects to find and replace L&C service lines with more funding to come in February, April, and September 2024. Interested in learning more about funding opportunities and progressing with L&C inventory to meet the October deadline? Schedule a free no-obligation demo of InfraForce to learn more.


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