InfraForce improves your utility's maintenance productivity by leveraging a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform as an asset register.

Public Works/Utilities staff with little to no training can create, store, retrieve and edit data through an  easy to navigate and highly-configurable interface.

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Access Anywhere

By hosting in ESRI’s ArcGIS Server cloud, InfraForce allows users to access all system functions from a desktop or mobile device located anywhere with wireless connectivity. And because we know that many of our clients are responsible for utilities far from the beaten path, Offline Mode allows for every entry and update to be saved for upload once connectivity is restored. Gone are the days of tedious deskwork after returning from the field to account for the day’s task list.

Through cloud-based hosting, users can access functions from anywhere that include:

  • Viewing/creating/editing work requests, inspections and work order locations

  • Viewing asset-specific information such as age, condition, part numbers, repair history, etc.

  • Attaching multimedia files to record visual data

  • Viewing instructions and comments

  • Capturing and reviewing inspections including flow monitoring, smoke testing, flow testing, etc.

  • Retrieving work history for abandoned or removed assets

When the general public assumes that out-of-sight means out-of-mind, it’s unlikely that they are thinking about water valves or manhole covers. Public works staff know that the hunt for a particular piece of infrastructure often means an excursion beyond the bounds of the groundskeeping crew, and that boots, gloves and extra water are mandatory equipment. For these days, InfraForce makes at least one part of the job a little easier, by utilizing large buttons and simple commands to navigate when in the midst of nature’s best.

In the field, users can select assets by dragging a finger over a geographic area on the map to display: 

  • Attributes

  • Condition

  • Work history

  • Pending work information associated to those records

When needed, new information can be entered via expanded text boxes and drop-down menus to keep typing to a minimum.

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Seamlessly Integrate

In today’s connected environment and with countless operating procedures in place for Public Works Departments, effective software solutions must be compatible across platforms. Based in ArcGIS, InfraForce integrates with any GIS utilizing open databases, including ESRI GIS software v10 or higher.  This compatibility means that public works departments can rest assured that their hard-earned data is safe, as data is owned outright and is stored in the cloud utilizing standardized map applications and ESRI formatting.  

Edit On The Go

By hosting in ESRI’s ArcGIS Server cloud, InfraForce allows users to access, maintain and edit asset information directly within the database or indirectly through their GIS application. From any tablet or smartphone, search by street, location description, facility name/number, or X/ Y coordinates. With the intended asset located, access all system functions from anywhere with wireless connectivity, or using Offline Mode to be saved for upload once connectivity is restored.

Through cloud-based hosting and by offering Offline Mode, users can make edits and access full functionality from the field to make valuable time in the office more productive.

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Master Work Orders

InfraForce allows users to easily create and track work orders from the office or in the field by selecting a geographic region on the map or by selecting specific assets from the Master List.

The Work Order form allows for comprehensive data-logging to ensure that deficiencies are clearly detailed, urgency is communicated, and work performed is trackable by time and owner. They can be placed for any asset whether it is or is not defined in GIS, and order notifications can be sent to any party regardless of their access to the software.

Additionally, the platform allows for:

  • Viewing service/work requests, inspections and work order locations

  • Assigning personnel to review or perform work orders (individuals, crews, or contractors)

  • Exporting ad hoc inquiries to Microsoft Office applications for distribution

  • Sending and receiving automatic notifications of new work requests.

  • Viewing total labor hours, material costs, equipment costs and contractor costs

  • Tracking parts and/or equipment required, reserving parts in inventory

  • Attaching multimedia files to individual work orders

  • Viewing instructions and comments

  • Initiating warranty inspections for new assets

  • Capturing and storing results of inspections including but not limited to flow monitoring, inflow and infiltration ( I/I) investigations, smoke testing, hydrant flow testing, back-flow prevention device testing, and pump efficiency testing against individual assets

  • Tracking total work history on physical assets that can be moved (e.g. a water meter can move location, but total work performed on that meter needs to be retained)

  • Retrieving work history for abandoned or removed assets

Customize Reports

When you’ve got to translate the mountain of data accumulated over years of field surveys and on-the-go troubleshooting or repair, you can’t be expected to become an overnight expert in Structured Query Language (SQL) to navigate your database, so InfraForce does it for you.

The platform’s simple dropdown menus allow you to manipulate the SQL based search functions to modify existing reports or create new ones based on the specific needs you’ve been asked about. These reports are accessible for export into any of the Microsoft Office programs (Word or Excel) or as PDF documents to distribute universally.

By selecting features from the Master List, or selecting a geographic area in the map interface, users can immediately propagate reports for condition depreciation that include parameters such as:

  • Current Estimated Total Cost Value

  • Age

  • Service Life

  • Estimated Salvage Value

  • Annual Depreciation

  • Estimated Remaining Asset Value

By selecting features from the Master List, or selecting a geographic area in the map interface, users can also immediately propagate reports for risk assessment that include vulnerability grades based on age and service history.

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Secure Your Data

Today’s environment of connectivity has made monumental improvements in the accuracy and accessibility of data, but at the same time it has afforded less well-intentioned groups the opportunity to disrupt the everyday functions of government at all levels. Local governments need to make every effort to keep their data secure, so InfraForce provides its clients with multiple levels of system security rights, customizable for each application.

Administrators can grant individual users the ability to edit or view certain types of records, and they can specify whether editing authorization is given throughout the database or only within a given parameter.  These firewalls not only protect valuable information from outside parties, but also assists in limiting accidental alterations while staff is using the platform. 

Post Alerts Instantly

Public Service Announcements are often difficult to coordinate but critical to deliver in a timely fashion when a safety hazard presents itself. Many communities with limited resources face an even greater challenge in keeping staff trained in how to distribute these messages available around the clock, as water main breaks or sinkholes rarely occur when convenient.

To alleviate some of the stresses surrounding this, InfraForce directly links with today’s most common Social Media platforms to allow anyone in the field to quickly post Public Alerts when time matters most. Automatically linking to a map of the problem area and by being posted to the media outlet/handle of choice, these messages can protect citizens impacted by the hazard faster and with less effort.

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